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Select one answer for each question.

1.   What is the “GHS’ system for?
a.        A standardized approach to label elements and safety data sheets

b.        Provide agreed criteria for classification of chemical hazards

c.        To improve the quality and consistency of hazard information, making it safer for workers to do their
jobs and easier for employers to stay competitive

d.        All of the above

2.        What dose “HCS” mean?
a.        EPA’s H-Chemical System

b.        OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard

c.        NESHAP’s Hand Cleaning Standard

d.        SJ-APCMD’s Housing Chemical’s System

3.        Training is required December 1, 2013 to follow the GHS, for whom?
a.        All federal workers, but not State

b.        Schools, public but not private

c.        Chemical manufacturers only

d.        All Employee’s

4.        Which of the following statements is NOT true?
a.        The HCS allows test data on mixtures to be used for all hazard classes

b.        The GHS allows test data on carcinogens, mutagens & reproductive toxins on a case by case basis

c.        The GHS allows test data on mixtures to be used for all hazard classes

d.        None of the above

5.        The terminology used to indicate the severity of hazard, “Danger” or “Warning” is called?
a.        Hazard Communication

b.        Signal Word

c.        Chemical warning

d.        Signal Phase

6.        A precautionary statement can be?
a.        Recommended measures for storage

b.        Pictograms

c.        To prevent adverse effects resulting from exposure

d.        Located on the SDS

e.        All the above

7.        The "Safety Data Sheet" should always have
a.        Training material

b.        Standardized 16-section format

c.        Different Language’s   

d.        Manufactures EPA Number

8.        In the United States a SDS is also known as?
a.        Bill of Lading

b.        OSHA Standard

c.        EPA Provisions

d.        Material Safety Data Sheet

9.        What is the section in a SDS which covers Exposer Controls and Personal Protection
a.        Section 3.

b.        Section 8

c.        Section 13

d.        All the Above

10.         The first compliance date for training of the revised GHS (HCS) is?
a.        December 1, 2013

b.        June 1, 2015

c.        December 1, 2015

d.        June 1, 2016